We aim to teach children to become confident, sociable, independent and proud of their achievements. We help children learn the benefits of being kind, caring and helpful. 

We do not have different areas or rooms for different age groups. This is so we can teach children to support one another so older children will help younger children and the younger children watch and learn new skills from the older children. We only segregate age groups for occasional activities such as story times where older children are more likely to want to sit for a longer story. We also do more interactive stories for the younger children using props to keep them focused and we reduce the time they are expected to engage. 

We help children to gain the confidence to talk in front of the group at 'News time'. Our practitioners will support children in telling the group their news until eventually they can do this without any help. We also have a 'Special Helper' each day where a child is given small tasks to do. Children really enjoy this job and seem so proud to wear the 'helper' badge. Some tasks are helping at register time to put the day, date and weather on the board, helping to prepare snack, handing out items to the children and informing the children when the garden is open plus more tasks if they want to help. 

Our practitioners focus on developing children's social skills; teaching them how to take turns and share. This is done through adult led games and by noticing when a group of children are struggling and need an adult to teach them the tools needed to play cooperatively.


During visits and trips we make sure children know how to follow rules to keep safe.  We teach them how to behave and understand that their actions affect other people. We can always say we are proud to take them out and members of the pubic have commented on how well the children behave. They become an asset to the Community and we are always invited back to places we visit. 


We always celebrate the children's achievements whether big or small. Children thrive when they get lots of positive attention from adults around them. We know that praising children for trying even if they didn't achieve their goal will encourage them to try again and to be proud of themselves for not giving up.     

At our pre-school children learn that we are all individuals and that we all have different strengths. We help them understand that some people will need more help than others and encourage children to show sensitivity to others needs and feelings. 

At Southern Cross Pre-school we value any feedback we get.  We encourage families to tell us what they think of our setting and welcome ideas and involvement from children's families. We know that we must continue to improve our practice in order to offer the very best care and education for our children. 



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